Bulan: Januari 2019

Metro Aerospace Introduces 3D Printed Part for Fuel Efficiency in Aerospace

In the aerospace industry, the slightest design improvement can have a staggering impact on the efficiency of flight, which is why aerospace manufacturers dedicate tremendous time and talent to advanced engineering. Sometimes small modifications pay off big time, as is the case with the new 3D printed microvanes, a drag-reduction and performance enhancement technology recently […]

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ProJet MJP wax 3D Printing is a Gem to Uptown Diamond & Jewelry

We Can Take on so Many More Unique and Deeply Personal Projects Now That We Have the ProJet MJP Wax Printer Working for Us. Traditional jewelry design is a meticulous and incremental process. Because labor and materials are a large investment for both the jeweler and the customer, confidence is the baseline requirement for both […]

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Invest Cast: Wax 3D Printing Is Next Gen for Investment Casting

Founded in 1981, Invest Cast, Inc. has steadily grown its casting, machining and fabrication business with an emphasis on innovation. Using the latest technologies, training and techniques, Invest Cast now has three U.S. locations where it produces superior quality investment castings and delivers unmatched industry and technical experience. In the company’s ongoing mission to deliver […]

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3D Printed Prototypes Streamline Vehicle Process Equipment

If we hadn’t tested these parts, and instead ordered them with the wrong design, it would have cost us up to 6 months in delays and over £10,000. Instead, because of the 3D printed parts, we were confident that the altered design would work perfectly so we could go to casting.” Graham Cooper. Vauxhall Motors […]

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GM 3D Prints Prototypes to Save Time and Money

In May 2014, Vauxhall Motors Ltd, the UK subsidiary of General Motors, started work on a new integrated production line that would enable each vehicle in production to be automatically lifted throughout the entire line and removed from line at the end. This set up required a critical component to actively lift the vehicles down […]

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