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What’s driving the excitement about Figure 4 technology and other pixel-based additive manufacturing approaches? Speed. With Figure 4 technology there is almost no correlation between cross-sectional complexity with productivity. While with vector-based additive approaches there is a significant correlation: - the more parts you have in batch the longer the build times. To demonstrate this difference we are presenting “The Three Minute Pen” at Rapid+TCT 2019 event in Detroit this week. On a vector-based system this plastic pen would be called the “30 to 55 Minute Pen” while on the Figure 4 technology-based hardware this is called the “3 Minute Pen”. This is why we selected Figure 4 technology to drive the engines within our Figure 4 production systems. Productivity matters.

The pens are printed in a batch process, and after curing are then finished with a novel recessed inlay acrylate paint for that final perfect touch.

  • Hardware: Figure.4 Modular platform
  • Materials: Tough Black 20 (High Speed Low, differential shrink RP resin)
  • Batch Size: 60 units vertical per batch
  • Build time: 3 Hours
  • Unit time: 3 Minutes
  • Post Processing : total labor 10 minutes: Batch: washing / IPA+Ultrasonics / airline
  • Post Curing: batch process: 90 minutes
  • Advanced finishing technique: recessed inlay text brush-painted with acrylate paint and IPA wiped.

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